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Dateline September 2008 Location(s) United Kingdom – London, Brighton, Oxford What? Did you think going to Spain would stop me from taking another UK trip later the same year? No way! As usual, I don’t remember when the wheels started turning for this trip, but I have to assume Ruth Ann and I were already […]

Dateline April 2008 Location(s) Spain – Barcelona & Valencia If you have even a basic understanding of Spanish (or if you read the dateline above), you’ve already figured out that the new country I visited in 2008 was…Spain! Yes, that’s right – the guy who had (mostly) only traveled to the UK, yet who holds […]

What a day! Although our actual sightseeing today was confined to a relatively small number of things, we saw a lot, took some awesome pictures, and had a good, but long, day. So what did we do? We visited Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle via a day trip we booked through Viator. I’ve used Viator […]

Our final full day in Spain was a great one! We had pre-planned a day trip to Toledo several months ago and today was the day for it. It involved a bit of an early start, but we got there with no problems – hooray! I’m very glad we did this trip because it was […]

Another great day of this trip has come and (almost) gone. It’s kind of crazy to realize that this amazing trip is already half-over! But that’s okay because we still have a week-and-a-half left to enjoy. 🙂 We started our day a bit later than normal today because we (okay, mostly me) were organizing/editing/posting pictures […]

After a lackluster first day in Madrid, it was great to get out and experience some of the city today! It feels very much like a city with compact buildings and lots of graffiti (far more than Paris, which is almost twice as big), which could lead to it feeling unsafe, but I don’t get […]

Okay, I thought that our first day in Paris was pretty low-key, but our first day in Madrid was even quieter. Nothing wrong with that though! We made it here safe and sound – the flight from Paris was quick and painless and it was easy to get to our apartment via the Metro. I […]

This blog is my way of bringing together something I love (traveling) with something I’m pretty good at (writing). I haven’t turned traveling into a full-time career (yet), but I do take at least one international trip each year, in addition to some trips around the US. I love to travel anywhere, but London (and […]