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While I didn’t leave my last post on a cliffhanger, there was more time in NYC to write about that I never got around to. At least, not until now, when I’ve just returned from my latest trip (my annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles for Gallifrey One) and realized I hadn’t completed that post. Now […]

Another December, another Mariah Carey concert. Of course, I was beyond excited to attend this one in particular because we got SECOND-ROW SEATS! Although this is Mariah’s third consecutive year doing a Christmas concert series in December, the specific dates weren’t announced until fairly late in the game (late October/early November, I think), so we […]

Well, another trip has come and gone! What’s that? I forgot to tell you I was even going on this trip? Oops! Well, much like last December (even though I didn’t blog about it until February – oops again), Scott and I decided to make another Christmas-time trip to the Big Apple. And would it […]

In December, I made a return visit to the Big Apple. The reason was two-fold – I had never visited around Christmas (which is my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year) and I wanted to see my girl Mariah Carey in concert again. Yes, I just saw her live in Las Vegas in […]

Yes, I’m finally talking about my Vegas trip! I mean, it’s not as if it happened *that* long ago (we were there 7/10-7/13), but still – I need to get back on my blogging game! After all, with a 2.5-week trip to Europe coming up in less than a month, I’m going to be doing […]

Has it really been three months since I last posted?! My, how time flies! In that time, I’ve traveled to Chicago (yes, for another Doctor Who convention), to Omaha (over Christmas – gotta head home for the holidays!), and to Los Angeles (if you’ve read my blog before, it should go without saying that I […]