Month: September 2016

I don’t want to go! I said in my previous post that I had “plenty of time” to think about the fact that I’m flying home tomorrow afternoon, but that’s no longer true because in about 12 hours, I’ll be at the airport. But as a silver lining, the trip will be much quicker because […]

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Well, it’s Thursday in reality, but this post is all about my Wednesday – another lovely day in London. Once again, I had one specific thing planned (more on that shortly), but the rest of the day came down to where the wind took me. And, since I hadn’t […]

Let’s see – what can I check off my list for this trip? Get from Minneapolis to the UK – check Get from London to Brighton – check Get from Brighton to Swansea – check Have an awesome time at Regenerations – check More Doctor Who delight in Cardiff – check Get back to London – […]

After a fun weekend at a Doctor Who convention in Swansea, you may think I was Who’d out, but you’d be wrong. 🙂 Matt, Douglas, and I made plans awhile ago to attend the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, about an hour from Swansea. I was really excited to visit because I had never been […]

As you learned in the first post of this trip, my destination for the weekend was Swansea, Wales – home of the Regenerations Doctor Who convention. Why a Doctor Who convention? Well, you’ve undoubtedly seen in some of my previous posts that I love attending conventions and this one is particularly fun because I’ve been […]

Ack! I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without updating my blog when starting a trip before now, but this one has been a bit of a whirlwind. But definitely fun! I’ve already been to Brighton, Swansea, and Cardiff and I’m now ensconced in a hotel in London, where I’ll be for the rest […]

Always leave ’em wanting more, right? While you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat (or something like that) for the last post about my Canada trip, I’ve been busy with life back at home in Minnesota. And also planning for my next trip! More on that in a bit. As for the end […]

Québec City – what a great way to spend a day! Although it involved us waking up pretty early and being gone for a solid 13 hours, I’m so glad we decided to book the day trip (through Viator, as usual) because it was totally worth it. I immediately got a great, European vibe from […]

The end of another day in Montreal is upon us! Funny how much more quickly time flies when you’re on vacation, eh? We had another good day, both in terms of what we saw and the weather. As I’ve said, since this is my first time here, I don’t know what the trend normally is, […]

You already heard about our apartment in Montreal, so now it’s time to hear about what we’ve been up to so far! We actually didn’t do a whole lot of research on this city before getting here, but I can always count on Scott to dig in to start planning things once we arrive. I […]