Month: September 2014

It’s amazing how quickly reality reasserts itself after a trip, isn’t it? We got back from our awesome trip two weeks ago yesterday and now it’s already almost October. Madness! We quickly settled back into our normal routines of work and friends and of course came back with some great memories and a desire to […]

Before I talk about Zurich, it’s worth pointing out that this is my 100th blog post. Woohoo! Although I’ve been traveling internationally for the last dozen years or so, I only started this blog before my big Europe trip last year. It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve found that much to write about […]

Well actually, we’re already in Zurich. 🙂 We made it here earlier today – hurrah! After having to get up early for yesterday’s day trip though, it was nice to sleep in today, since our train didn’t leave Munich until about 1230p. We were once again on a DB Bahn train and it went as […]

What a day! Although our actual sightseeing today was confined to a relatively small number of things, we saw a lot, took some awesome pictures, and had a good, but long, day. So what did we do? We visited Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle via a day trip we booked through Viator. I’ve used Viator […]

Another day of a LOT of walking (over nine miles, according to my Fitbit), but it was well worth it! We saw everything we wanted to (minus Nymphenburg Palace, which proved to be far enough away from everything else we saw today that we were just too tired to visit it at the end of […]

Yes, that’s right – we’re back in Germany! After a great few days in Prague, we moved on to Munich today. We had a wonderful time in Prague, but we were excited to come to Munich to experience this great city. We traveled via bus on DB Bahn (the German national rail company) and, although […]

Our time in Prague is already nearly over! As I sit here (okay, so I may be laying in bed rather than sitting) writing this post, it’s hard to believe that we’re already moving onto our fourth city tomorrow and that we’ll be home at the end of this week. All the more reason to […]

Wow, Prague has been great so far! As I said yesterday, it has that wonderful European “feel” to it. It seems like you find a gorgeous building, a famous sight, and a new language around every corner. Love it! Since today and tomorrow are our only full days here, we’re making the most of them […]

We’re a week into this trip and we just arrived in our third city and country. The time, as usual, is flying by so quickly! We really have had a great time so far though and are looking forward to a great second half. 🙂 After wrapping things up in our Berlin apartment this morning, […]

After a pretty busy day yesterday, our final full day in Berlin was a lighter one, which was fine for both of us. We had actually already seen most of what we wanted to see, so we were able to focus on a smaller list, mostly of things to walk through/see in passing rather than […]