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We’re still in Belfast, but that’s not where we spent our day today. Instead, we took a fabulous day trip that took us to several great places: Giant’s Causeway – a UNESCO Heritage site, this amazing basalt rock formation next to the ocean is said to have been created by two giants. Dunluce Castle – […]

Our first full day in Belfast is in the books! And it’s our only full day here, since we only had part of yesterday, we have a full-day sidestep out of Belfast tomorrow, and we leave for Galway on Saturday morning. I really think we made the most of it though and the weather was […]

Welcome to Northern Ireland! It’s a first-time visit for both of us here in Belfast, so we’re excited to explore a new place and to add a new city to our repertoire. And we had a nice, easy travel experience from Edinburgh, with a VERY quick (30-35 minutes) flight on Flybe. I can’t say I’d […]

I may have just gotten back from a trip to Six Flags (lots of fun, by the way), but it’s time for another international trip, don’t you think? Yes, that’s right – Scott and I are off on another adventure tomorrow! We’ll be hitting the UK (Scotland and Northern Ireland, but no London this time […]