Time to Travel!

I may have just gotten back from a trip to Six Flags (lots of fun, by the way), but it’s time for another international trip, don’t you think? Yes, that’s right – Scott and I are off on another adventure tomorrow! We’ll be hitting the UK (Scotland and Northern Ireland, but no London this time – waaaaahhh!) and Ireland and I am SO excited! Although I’ve visited Scotland and Ireland before, I’ve only spent a few days in each country (and only in Dublin in Edinburgh), so I’m looking forward to getting re-acquainted with them and getting to experience Northern Ireland for the first time. And all of our locations are new to Scott, so the whole trip will be a new experience for him!

Here’s the rundown of where we’re going:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Dublin, Ireland

Aer Lingus recently started a non-stop service from Minneapolis to Dublin (hence the featured photo in this post), so that helped nudge us towards an itinerary we’d already been thinking about. We even decided to splurge on business class seats, so we’re both DEFINITELY looking forward to that. 😀 As usual, we’ll have a few days in each city and we may do a day trip or two (I’m looking at you, St Andrews) if we can squeeze them in. We haven’t specifically chosen a bunch of things to do/places to visit in each city, though we definitely have some ideas, so I know our itinerary will come together beautifully day by day. I LOVED Edinburgh when I was there several years ago, so I can’t wait to re-experience it. Even though I think I hit all the must-see places on that trip, I’m sure there are tons of things I missed (and I have zero problem revisiting the places I did visit because they were all fabulous). And although I did spend a few days in Dublin on that same trip, it honestly didn’t leave the same kind of impression, so I’m hoping the second time will be the charm. And I’m with Scott on Belfast and Galway – new to me, so can’t wait for the new experiences!

As always, expect very regular blog updates as we make our way through each day of this latest adventure. And if you have any recommendations on restaurants, must-see (or must-avoid!) places, etc., leave a comment and let me know!


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