Month: November 2015

Well, I managed to wake up at 430a, despite sleeping pretty terribly. Boo! And the fact that I’m seated on my plane right now means this trip really is over. Double boo! But, as a reward for waking up so early, I decided to upgrade myself to Premium Economy. Hooray! Although I booked this trip […]

Okay, I’m not leaving until tomorrow, but today was my last real day here and I have to wake up early enough tomorrow that it will still be today for all my friends back home, so close enough! As I’m sure you’ve heard me say (or seen me write – you know what I mean!) […]

That title may be a bit of a misnomer – I wasn’t THAT lazy today! However, I did have a nice, relaxed day where I didn’t do a heck of a lot. And that’s okay. 🙂 So, first full day in London on this trip. To start the day, I was very happy to not […]

What a whirlwind few days! It’s now Monday evening (okay, it’s midnight, so it’s technically Tuesday morning) and since my last post, I’ve gone to Brighton, met up with fabulous friends, enjoyed Timey Wimey 7, and made it back to London, so it’s been a busy few days! Totally worth it, though I must say […]

I did it! Yes, I was once again able to stay awake the whole day after arriving in London (or any international city, really) despite going on basically no sleep (other than a little dozing on the plane). I think I did an exceptional job of it this time as my London buzz only lulled […]

Wait, I’m in London?    Yep, I guess I am! I told you I would be traveling soon, didn’t I?? I just landed here this morning for a relatively short trip (six days) and I couldn’t be happier! Despite no sleep on the flight (pretty standard for me), the excitement of being in my favorite […]

Let’s see now – it’s November 15th. We returned from our trip on September 19th. I guess I’m a little late in publishing this final blog! It’s amazing how you think “Oh, I’ll write that blog as soon as I get home!” and then that just never happens. Still, if you’re reading this, you’ve stuck […]