(Really) Leaving London

Well, I managed to wake up at 430a, despite sleeping pretty terribly. Boo! And the fact that I’m seated on my plane right now means this trip really is over. Double boo! But, as a reward for waking up so early, I decided to upgrade myself to Premium Economy. Hooray! Although I booked this trip through Delta (my preferred airline), the flight from London is on Virgin Atlantic, who I’ve never flown before.

Delta doesn’t have a Premium Economy option, only Comfort+, which is fine, but I wanted to give these seats a try while I’ve got the chance. They’re separated from the Economy seats, have better food options, etc., so I’m looking forward to a good experience. The seats around me are empty, so that’s a good sign already! Have you flown Virgin Atlantic before? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of them!

Like most people, I prefer direct flights and always book them if at all possible, but I have to fly through Detroit to get to Chicago today. I didn’t book it that way, but Delta changed my itinerary, presumably due to the Thanksgiving holiday (that’s when I got switched to a Virgin flight). Not ideal, but them’s the breaks when you travel, right? I’m sure the trip will be smooth and maybe I’ll even get some sleep. Cross your fingers for me!

See you in Chicago (via Detroit)!

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