Month: September 2013

Well, my first week back to the “real world” (you know, the world we all have to come back to after vacation) is just about over – just one more day of the work week to go. The transition back has been pretty good, which has been nice. I haven’t had any jet lag issues, […]

We’re here at Heathrow, so I guess that means the vacation is really over! The trip here was much easier and less crowded than we we arrived since we traveled on a Saturday morning instead of a Monday afternoon. Taking the Underground to/from Heathrow is really simple (and cheaper than something like the Heathrow Express) […]

You came through for me, my finger-crossing friends. The weather was gorgeous here today! Although the day started mostly cloudy and a bit cool, the sun broke through as we headed into the city and I’m happy to say that it stayed with us for the rest of the day. It actually got warm enough […]

Our third full day in London also meant our third planned day trip on this three-week vacation (how’s that for doing things in threes? :)). This one included stops in Windsor, Stonehenge, and Oxford and was again scheduled through Viator. Unfortunately, it involved another early start (not the end of the world, but something you […]

So, this post is happening slightly later than I intended (I had hoped to write it right after my last one, but that didn’t happen). Suffice it to say that our second full day in London was busy! We wanted to make sure we made the most of our London Pass, so we set out […]

Okay, the title of this post is slightly misleading because I’m writing it about our first FULL day in London (rather than our actual first day, which was really more of an afternoon/evening), but whatever. 🙂 Our first full day in London was fun, despite the nearly-constant rain we experienced. However, that’s just part of […]

We made it to London safely! It was great to not have to wake up and feel rushed to catch our flight this morning though (we didn’t fly out until 215p). As with all of our other travel on this trip, the flight was great and we had no problems. And since the London Underground […]

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to those readers of my blog who crossed their fingers for good weather for us today. It helped! I’d also like to shame those people who didn’t cross their fingers because we definitely still got rained on. :p Despite that, today was still a great […]

Well, I think we made the most of our only full day in Florence! We had the day pretty well mapped out because we knew we were going to be going to a few different places in different areas of the city. Okay, so we may have also planned around the place we wanted to […]