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We’ve reached the end of the line in Amsterdam! After getting ready, cleaning up the apartment, and packing our last couple of things, we said goodbye to our great hosts and made our way to the train station (not before we stopped to get Scott his juice fix though). If you’re ever in Amsterdam and […]

What a great day we had today (and it wasn’t just because I found another cool piece of street art)! The weather wasn’t great – grey, cloudy, and windy most of the day (no rain though, thankfully!). We had several things planned, so we got a slightly earlier start than yesterday, hoping to stop by […]

I would say Day 2 was a win just based on the fact that I’m still awake tonight! After crashing early yesterday (to be fair, I hadn’t really slept for over 30 hours), I’m happy to be awake and writing this post around 1030p. To hell with you, jetlag! The weather was a bit cooler […]

We have arrived in Amsterdam! But you already knew that, didn’t you? After finding the way to our apartment, we got settled in a bit, took some much-needed showers, and went out to explore the city. Given how tired we were from the flight, we didn’t do anything too heavy – mostly got the lay […]

After an uneventful flight, we are safe and sound in Amsterdam! We’ve just collected our bags and will be heading to our apartment shortly. We thought we wouldn’t be able to get in until this afternoon, but found out yesterday that we can go straight there – hooray! Time for a shower and then experiencing […]