Month: July 2019

A quick Travel Throwback post today! Facebook has been reminding me every day for the last week or so about the memories of being in India as it shows me posts from my trip there three years ago. As a refresher, I went to Bangalore for a two-week work trip, but being me, I made […]

Dateline September 2009 Location(s) United Kingdom – Manchester, London, Canterbury (England) / Swansea, Cardiff (Wales) Somehow it’s been nine whole months since my last Travel Throwback post! I would ask how that happened, but since I’m the one who writes this blog, I already know the answer to that question – I just didn’t make […]

Wow, it’s really been awhile since I blogged, huh? What’s up with that?! Never fear, dear readers – though I may go quiet for periods of time (stupid real, non-traveling life getting in the way), travel will ALWAYS be waiting for me in the background, so you can always count on new posts before too […]