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Has it really been three months since I last posted?! My, how time flies! In that time, I’ve traveled to Chicago (yes, for another Doctor Who convention), to Omaha (over Christmas – gotta head home for the holidays!), and to Los Angeles (if you’ve read my blog before, it should go without saying that I […]

No no, not the classic kids’ show I watched on Nickeloden once upon a time (though that was fun!), but instead I’m talking about my picture pages! Okay, picture page. Okay, it’s Instagram, but it’s still worth following! Even though I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like to (ie – I can’t […]

It’s amazing how quickly reality reasserts itself after a trip, isn’t it? We got back from our awesome trip two weeks ago yesterday and now it’s already almost October. Madness! We quickly settled back into our normal routines of work and friends and of course came back with some great memories and a desire to […]

After a week of traveling, I’m back home once again! To be fair, I was actually home for one night (Thursday) between my work trip and my weekend road trip, but it basically feels like I’ve been away for a week. First of all, my work trip. As I think I mentioned previously, this was […]

Someone I knew in high school who I’m friends with on Facebook is currently in Warsaw, Poland. Seeing her posts about being there immediately took me back to my trip there in October 2012 (before I started writing this blog, actually!), which made me think of some of the great things I did there so I […]

One of the things Scott and I talked about after our trip was creating a photo book to commemorate the trip. I’ve made books for three previous trips and, while I loved the idea, I just wasn’t motivated to put one together! Although creating a book is a fun process, it’s a good amount of […]

For this, my 50th blog post, I want to write about something very deep and very important. Something that we all experience at some point in our lives. For some people, these things are gentle and relaxing while for others, they’re arduous and painful. So what are these “things”? ROAD TRIPS! Yes, that’s right, those […]

Well, my first week back to the “real world” (you know, the world we all have to come back to after vacation) is just about over – just one more day of the work week to go. The transition back has been pretty good, which has been nice. I haven’t had any jet lag issues, […]

That’s a pretty dramatic title for the first post in a travel blog, but a tiny amount of drama is festive, right? Let’s get right to it – I’m Jeff, I live in Minneapolis, MN, and I love to travel! Though I’d love to make travel and/or travel writing a job (hint hint, Frommer’s and Rick Steves), I haven’t managed to make that […]