Reality Reasserted

It’s amazing how quickly reality reasserts itself after a trip, isn’t it? We got back from our awesome trip two weeks ago yesterday and now it’s already almost October. Madness! We quickly settled back into our normal routines of work and friends and of course came back with some great memories and a desire to plan our next trip. Of course, there will be a 2015 trip. 🙂

You don’t think I’m going to wait until next year for my next trip though, do you? I’ve got a UK trip planned for mid-November that I’m very much looking forward to. It started as a desire to get to London at some point this year since Scott and I didn’t go on our big trip. I had a lot of fun during my trip there last November, so I decided that would be a good time to go again this year. Although I started planning the trip as just a way to go and see some friends, I (unsurprisingly) have found myself booked up for another Doctor Who event. It’s being run by my dear friend Matt and is happening in Brighton, about 1.5 hours south of London. Although I’ve been to Brighton before, it’s always been for a there-and-back-in-the-same-day kind of trip, so I’m excited to be spending three nights there this time. And, although we’ll be traveling at different times, a couple of friends from the US will be there and I’ll get to see several of my UK friends at the event. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it!

There will be more travel tidbits and goodness between now and November’s trip, so stay tuned!

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