Month: January 2014

I was just looking at Facebook and came across this amazing set of aerial photos of London by night. Check ’em out! Haven’t I said how important it is to see London (and other cities) by night? Now you know why! Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to see it by night in a helicopter, […]

For this, my 50th blog post, I want to write about something very deep and very important. Something that we all experience at some point in our lives. For some people, these things are gentle and relaxing while for others, they’re arduous and painful. So what are these “things”? ROAD TRIPS! Yes, that’s right, those […]

Okay, I’m only calling this post Looking Back because I’m about to recap the last full day of the London trip I returned from about six weeks ago. But hey, that’s okay! Our last day in London was a good one! After all the excitement at the Doctor Who Celebration the day before, it was […]

Goodness, is it really 2014 already?? Apparently it is! And here’s me, shirking my blogging responsibilities. Tsk, tsk! Never fear though, a new post (or possibly posts!) will be available later today. You’ll get to read about: *The final day of my November London trip (or did you think I was still there, basking in […]