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I may have recently returned from London, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have stuff to do when I got home! In fact, I had one wedding for my great friend Liz just a couple of days after I got back, but that one was local, so no additional travel involved. But the weekend after […]

Since the next line of that song is “I’m leaving today”, I guess I should have written this post a couple of days ago. Oops! Well, I didn’t, so I’m already in New York City. Surprise! Yes, that’s right – we’re spending Memorial Day weekend in the Big Apple. We got here on Thursday evening […]

Well actually, we’re already in Zurich. 🙂 We made it here earlier today – hurrah! After having to get up early for yesterday’s day trip though, it was nice to sleep in today, since our train didn’t leave Munich until about 1230p. We were once again on a DB Bahn train and it went as […]

Yes, that’s right – we’re back in Germany! After a great few days in Prague, we moved on to Munich today. We had a wonderful time in Prague, but we were excited to come to Munich to experience this great city. We traveled via bus on DB Bahn (the German national rail company) and, although […]

We’re a week into this trip and we just arrived in our third city and country. The time, as usual, is flying by so quickly! We really have had a great time so far though and are looking forward to a great second half. 🙂 After wrapping things up in our Berlin apartment this morning, […]

I say a taste both because we didn’t do a whole lot in Berlin today and what we did do mostly involved eating. 🙂 The weather in Budapest turned rainy last night into this morning, so that timing worked out perfectly. The shuttle we took when we arrived also picked us up – very slick! […]

Or perhaps more accurately titled, A Study in Pest (since our apartment and everything thing we saw on our first day was in Pest, rather than Buda). Fun fact – I started working on this post yesterday, but the fact that I was finally sitting in one place for an extended period of time with […]

I can’t believe I didn’t write about my current trip already! To celebrate the 4th of July and to get away for a few days, a small group of us (my SO and three friends) decided to rent a house this weekend. We came “up north” to Two Harbors, MN. The drive took us about […]

Good news! After frustrations with finding an apartment for the Zurich leg of this year’s Europe trip, I got us booked into another one. Huzzah! I must say, I’m really pleased with Airbnb’s responsiveness to the issue as well. The owner of the apartment contacted me around the first week of May saying that he […]

We just can’t seem to catch a break when it come to finding an apartment for the Zurich leg of this year’s Europe trip! As we did last year, we’ve been using Airbnb to find places to stay for this trip and they’ve all been a breeze to book except for Zurich. The owner of […]