A Taste of Berlin

I say a taste both because we didn’t do a whole lot in Berlin today and what we did do mostly involved eating. πŸ™‚

The weather in Budapest turned rainy last night into this morning, so that timing worked out perfectly. The shuttle we took when we arrived also picked us up – very slick! After a light lunch at the airport, we caught our flight to Berlin (very quick flight – just over an hour) and quickly made our way to the rail station immediately next to the airport. We had already connected with our Airbnb host in Berlin, who told us we could catch a city train to Alexanderplatz, where he would meet us to walk us the short distance to his apartment. That all worked out swimmingly! The only disappointment was that the weather was grey and a bit drizzly here as well, but the forecast promises that to be a temporary situation, hopefully extending only through tomorrow. The cool temperature was great though!

After meeting our host and walking to our apartment (which is pretty great, by the way – check out the pics below), dinner was the next order of business. We got a great dinner recommendation from my friend Lucy, so we decided to give that a try. The restaurant, Zer Letzten Instanz, dates back to 1621 – cool! It’s a busy place though, but even though we didn’t have a booking, we were able to get a table, albeit a shared table with two other parties – a couple on vacation and a guy who moved to Berlin from Australia three weeks ago. The food was delicious! Though the prices certainly made us miss the fabulous exchange rate we had in Budapest. πŸ˜‰

Since we didn’t do much today, I only took a few pictures, but at least you can get a sense for our apartment and our dinner.

The living area of our apartment.

Spinning around, you see the small, but very functional, kitchen.

The bedroom. Looking forward to sleeping on something bigger than the double bed we had in Budapest!

Nice bathroom! Although you can’t see them in the picture, there’s also a small washer and dryer in the corner of the bathroom. So convenient to have that – makes it easier to pack lighter.

The cute, cobbled street where you can find Zer Letzten Instanz.

Close-up on the Zer Letzten Instanz sign.

Since we were sharing a table with others, we didn’t want to look too touristy and take pictures of all our food. However, we did sneak this one of Scott’s beef roulade. Both that and the pork meatball I had were delicious!

And that was our brief first (half) day in Berlin! Looking forward to doing some real exploring tomorrow. As always, if you have recommendations on things to see or places to eat or if you just want to wax lyrical about travel, leave a comment!

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