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It’s already Saturday night, which means we’re moving on to Helsinki, Finland tomorrow and that we’ll be home in just about a week. It’s crazy how quickly time flies by! Still, we made the most of our last day in Copenhagen, despite some roadblocks along the way. Wait, roadblocks? Unfortunately, yes – some of our […]

Although we’ve been home for a few hours, it feels like we were moving all day! My Fitbit tells me we walked over seven miles though, so I guess we were on our feet quite a bit. But it was a great day nonetheless! With our first of two full days here, we wanted to […]

Another day, another country. Just another day in the life of That One Guy Who Travels! I’m writing this post from our apartment in Copenhagen, which we arrived at a few hours ago. Before we start talking about all things Danish though, let’s wrap up Norway, shall we? If you’ll remember, our flight out of […]