Month: March 2014

As far as work trips go, this was a great one! Although our days were mostly filled with leading training (that’s why we traveled there), we still managed to get out after training ended. Since several of us got there on Sunday afternoon, we were able to get out to enjoy a late lunch/early dinner […]

I’m sitting on my plane in Minneapolis waiting to fly to Orlando and I just had to post about TSA Precheck. I got to use it for the first time today and it was truly glorious. I didn’t take anything off or out except my belt (only because the TSA agent suggested that) and it […]

As you heard in my last post, I bit the bullet and applied for Global Entry. Thankfully, the process seems to move fairly quickly and I already got confirmation that my application has been conditionally approved. Now I just need to go to the enrollment center (not the same one I went to for TSA […]