Orlando Recap

As far as work trips go, this was a great one! Although our days were mostly filled with leading training (that’s why we traveled there), we still managed to get out after training ended. Since several of us got there on Sunday afternoon, we were able to get out to enjoy a late lunch/early dinner as a group. Although the place didn’t have a big enough table to seat us all outside, we were sitting right by big roll-up doors, so it was just like sitting outside. Given the winter we’ve had here in Minneapolis, that was awesome!

Although we didn’t get to do anything too exciting, we did manage to make it over to Cocoa Beach for an afternoon. The weather was perfect! Sunny, warm, and just a little breezy. What more can you ask for?? We actually got a little bonus when we saw a whale swimming not too far from the shore! A pretty great afternoon by all accounts. πŸ™‚ I even managed to snap a couple of pictures:

Gorgeous day at Cocoa Beach.

I had my feet in two oceans in two months. Winning!

Aside from our beach excursion, the whole week followed the same trend – train and then hang out and have dinner in the evenings. I had never been on a trip with any of the folks on this one, but they were all awesome! We all got along really well and had some great conversations. And some fun playing Heads Up!. How was I missing out on that game before?? I mean, it’s basically Catchphrase in reverse, but somehow it seems more fun with a phone plastered to your forehead. πŸ™‚

I had a nice welcome home from the weather here in Minneapolis – a lot of the snow melted! Of course, in true Minnesota fashion, we’re supposed to get several inches of snow tomorrow. Still, the end of winter is in sight! And we’ve got our trip to Wausau this weekend as well as our trip to Mexico in 2.5 weeks. Lots to look forward to on the travel front, so look for more posts soon.

One thought on “Orlando Recap

  1. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to walk barefoot along a lovely ocean beach…

    I have also never heard of “Head’s Up” – it does sound pretty fun. πŸ™‚

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