Month: August 2014

We certainly made the most of our final day in Budapest! Although the weather was grey for a bit, we managed to avoid any rain, which was a big win. And the intermittent clouds and stronger breezes made for an even more pleasant day of walking around the city. Per yesterday’s post, we had a […]

Hungary! Budapest! Day two! Food! Stuff! And things! All this in today’s blog post. 🙂 Since we had some sleep to catch up on from yesterday’s travels (or was it Thursday’s? Both, I guess!), we got a bit of a later start today, but we still got to see some great stuff. That’s the great […]

Or perhaps more accurately titled, A Study in Pest (since our apartment and everything thing we saw on our first day was in Pest, rather than Buda). Fun fact – I started working on this post yesterday, but the fact that I was finally sitting in one place for an extended period of time with […]

The time is now! We’re at the airport, so now all we need is our plane. The TSA Precheck process once again made the checkin process a breeze, so we did some walking around the airport (and possibly bought a treat at Starbucks) and now we’re waiting to board, which is supposed to start in […]

…the end of waiting for this trip to begin, that is! Yes, that’s right. After months of planning, this trip is happening in less than a week! As a reminder, we’re hitting the following cities: -Budapest, Hungary -Berlin, Germany -Prague, Czech Republic -Munich, Germany -Zurich, Switzerland We’ve been figuring out the final details, like how […]