Month: October 2022

Well, it’s another glorious morning here in sunny Rome! The morning temperature is fabulous, I see no clouds, and we’re about to head down for a final, delicious breakfast at our hotel before we make our way to the train station to head to Venice. As such, today will likely end up being a pretty […]

Another trip has started! Yes, that’s right – as you possibly saw in my last post, I’m currently in Rome with the husband and we’ve already had a full day here. Well, most of a day, I suppose, since we arrived mid-morning yesterday (Friday) and had afternoon plans we’d already booked. But I’m getting ahead […]

Oh hey, I’m at an airport again! And where am I heading? Well, it’s not much of a surprise if you’ve head the title of this post, but I’m going to Italy! Scott and I are currently awaiting our flight at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, from which we’ll be flying to NYC. From there, it’s […]