Month: December 2018

The trip continues to roll on! This time, I’m finally starting the day’s post on the actual day, rather than the next morning! Of course, there’s no guarantee I’ll complete it tonight (in fact, it’s now Sunday morning, so I’d say I called that one). The only thing that matters is that it gets done […]

It’s now Saturday morning (okay, okay – Saturday afternoon by the time I posted this!) and we’re already flying home tomorrow! I think there’s some amazing science project to be found in the study of the way time passes on vacation as compared to how it passes when you’re anywhere else, but hey, I’m no […]

Start spreadin’ the news and stuff! We’re in New York City for the holidays (well, actually not quite, since we’re flying home on the 23rd, but close enough) and we’re already having a great time. As I write this, it’s Friday morning (okay, now it’s Friday afternoon – couldn’t get the post wrapped up before […]

Wow, it’s almost Christmas! Which means 2019 is just around the corner, though I have no idea how time passed so quickly. But the fact that Christmas is nearly here means that Thanksgiving just happened, right? And Thanksgiving generally means travel, so it’s time for a quick catch-up post to fill you in on my […]