Month: March 2015

Having been home from Mexico for a little over two weeks, I’m of course thinking about where I’ll go next. If you haven’t figured out where I’m going yet, you must not have read the title of this post. Thanks for paying attention! Yes, it’s back to LA I go – one of the rare […]

I’ve already been home from Mexico for two weeks. How did that happen?? I guess time soldiers on, as it always does, so now it’s spring (hooray!), the weather has improved at home (though it is snowing as I write this post), and I’ve already been thinking about more trips. No surprise there! However, before […]

Just a quick update to share some great news – our towels were returned to us! After having three of our towels disappear earlier this week, we were delighted when the front desk had them yesterday! We had already checked with them a few times to no avail, but they said they found “three multicolored […]

I feel like I never have much to share on these beachy vacations, so consider this a quick update on our trip thus far. πŸ™‚ Things are going well! The GR Solaris continues to be a good resort (and definitely continues to be better than the Oasis Sens!) and we’re all having a good time […]