Month: November 2014

There’s at least one thing in common with every trip I’ve ever taken – they’ve all ended. Yes, it’s sad but true – vacations can’t last forever. If they last forever, they just become life. And when that’s your life, what do you take a vacation from?? Deep words, I know. 🙂 I’ve had a […]

Okay, there’s no money involved, but I did work hard today! Why would I do that on vacation? To help my friend Matt put together stuff for Timey Wimey tomorrow, of course! Now, that isn’t all I did today, so let’s rewind and recap briefly. The day unfortunately started with some bad news as my […]

Well, I made it to Brighton…yesterday! I’m always impressed by European rail systems in regards to how easy it is to get between destinations. While there was nothing stand-out about the train journey from Lewisham to Brighton, it was certainly easy and pretty quick. Jason and I met up in Lewisham and then found our […]

Another great day has (nearly) come to an end. I couldn’t believe my luck this morning when I realized the weather was fabulous (sunny and low-50s) for the second day in a row. Winning! Once again, I had no plans, but the day definitely started off right with me sleeping until 9a. Anyone who knows […]

Well, we’re a week into November, which apparently means my travel season has begun! It never used to be that way, but starting last year, this month has become my month to attend not one, not two, but THREE Doctor Who events! Not that I’m complaining, mind you. 🙂 I’m actually currently en route to […]