Month: November 2022

Well! Now that we’ve been home for a couple of weeks, I guess I should probably finish blogging about this Italy trip, eh?? I was on SUCH a roll, too – posting every day! But we both picked up colds by the end of the trip (not COVID, thankfully!), so that really sapped my writing […]

It’s already Wednesday, which means we go home the day after tomorrow! And on top of that, we had to get up early again today because we’re off on another day trip (more on that later – we’re already on a train as I write this, though). But hey, that’s how our vacations often go, […]

Another day, another city. That’s the traveling life, eh? It’s now Tuesday morning and we’re in our hotel in Venice, after taking a high-speed train here from Rome yesterday. Since even the high-speed train takes four hours (Rome and Venice are quite a distance apart!), we didn’t have anything planned, aside from dinner, but I […]