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Our time in Prague is already nearly over! As I sit here (okay, so I may be laying in bed rather than sitting) writing this post, it’s hard to believe that we’re already moving onto our fourth city tomorrow and that we’ll be home at the end of this week. All the more reason to […]

Wow, Prague has been great so far! As I said yesterday, it has that wonderful European “feel” to it. It seems like you find a gorgeous building, a famous sight, and a new language around every corner. Love it! Since today and tomorrow are our only full days here, we’re making the most of them […]

We’re a week into this trip and we just arrived in our third city and country. The time, as usual, is flying by so quickly! We really have had a great time so far though and are looking forward to a great second half. 🙂 After wrapping things up in our Berlin apartment this morning, […]