Month: September 2019

The time has nearly come for the road to take us back home. We’ve had a great time on this trip, but we’ve definitely reached the point where we’re ready to just be back home, in our own space, and with our own stuff (and not living out of suitcases). But that’s tomorrow! We’ve still […]

Feet up, drink in hand (well, next-to-hand), a nice, Irish breeze (hey, we’re in Ireland, so the breezes are Irish by default) blowing in the window, and the sounds of Dublin around us. Today was a good day to explore Dublin – great temperature, sunny without being TOO sunny, a nice breeze, and everything we […]

After yesterday’s amazing Cliffs of Moher trip, today was much quieter in comparison, mostly because we were traveling part of the day. It was time to say goodbye to Galway and migrate to our final stop on this trip, Dublin. Technically, Dublin is where this trip started, but only because that’s where our flight from […]

In a word, today was…OUTSTANDING! Why, you ask? We went on the BEST day trip today and we had phenomenal weather to boot. What could be better?? As with our Giant’s Causeway day trip from Belfast, we also booked this excursion through Viator (actual tour company was Galway Tour Company) and, as usual, they didn’t […]

Today turned out to be a bit of a lazy day in Galway and that’s A-OK with me. As I mentioned in my last post, since Galway isn’t very big, we didn’t have a lot of things on our to-do list here and we checked several of them off yesterday. Today was all about getting […]

We’re in a new city! This morning, it was goodbye Belfast and hello Galway (well technically that last part happened this afternoon). Galway isn’t a terribly big place, so when we were making our travel plans, we figured out that taking a bus(es) would be the best way to get here. That involved taking a […]

We’re still in Belfast, but that’s not where we spent our day today. Instead, we took a fabulous day trip that took us to several great places: Giant’s Causeway – a UNESCO Heritage site, this amazing basalt rock formation next to the ocean is said to have been created by two giants. Dunluce Castle – […]

Our first full day in Belfast is in the books! And it’s our only full day here, since we only had part of yesterday, we have a full-day sidestep out of Belfast tomorrow, and we leave for Galway on Saturday morning. I really think we made the most of it though and the weather was […]

Welcome to Northern Ireland! It’s a first-time visit for both of us here in Belfast, so we’re excited to explore a new place and to add a new city to our repertoire. And we had a nice, easy travel experience from Edinburgh, with a VERY quick (30-35 minutes) flight on Flybe. I can’t say I’d […]

Now that I finally got yesterday’s post out of the way (geeze, that one took longer than I thought it would!), I can focus on today’s (which also won’t be ready today, but if you’re reading this five years from now, you don’t care anyway). Today was an interesting one from a travel standpoint. What […]