Month: August 2018

Dateline Late September 2005 Location(s) United Kingdom – London, Windsor (England) / Swansea (Wales) Ready to go back in time again? This time, we’re going back to September 2005 for my second big trip (if you missed the post about my first trip, check it out here). It should come as no surprise to learn […]

Dateline Mid-May 2003 Location(s) United Kingdom – Southend, London, Brighton, Bath, Glastonbury, Cheddar, Weymouth Welcome to my first Travel Throwback post! At various times in the past, I’ve thought about how I could revisit some of the trips I took before I started writing this blog and now I’ve finally decided to put (virtual) pen […]

Okay, OKAY – I get it. Perhaps I shouldn’t have let 4.5 months (give or take a few days) pass since my last post, but in case you were wondering, we did indeed make it back from Palm Springs okay. Also in case you were wondering, we did soak up more sun on our last […]