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Happy 2018! I hope 2017 was a year of success and traveling adventures for all of you! I had a pretty good year of traveling, focused mainly on my “standard” travels, featuring Doctor Who conventions, relaxation on the Gulf Shore, a visit to my favorite city, and even a trip down memory lane. With Scott […]

Well, I didn’t intend on booking another London trip (or any international trip, really) quite so soon, but here I am, writing a blog post about my impending trip there…in January! Yeah, three months from now! So how did that happen? I’m glad you asked! It literally all came together today. Scott (the husband) is […]

Another trip to London is over, Labor Day has come and gone, and the daily grind of work is back in effect. How goes the time go by so quickly?? I guess trips like this can’t really be considered “vacations” unless there’s something to get away from though, right? And, as I said before, ending […]

Has it really been a week since we arrived in London? I suppose it has! A week ago today, I was just getting home from work and was buzzing with excitement about this trip. Now, a week later, my bag is (mostly) packed and I’m relaxing in our flat, thinking of the fun (and great […]

Spoiler alert – yesterday’s London adventures are totally summed up in the title of this post. There was lots of sun (as per the rest of this trip), we saw lots of flowers (and various other trees, plants, and foliage), we ate some Indian food, and we saw a really funny show. So yeah, that […]

You know how you sometimes have those days where you don’t really have anything specific planned and you don’t end up doing anything special, but you have a nice day anyway? That was our Sunday in London! After yesterday’s early(ish) wake-up call, it was so nice to not have to wake up for anything this […]

Is it really Saturday night already?? To be fair, you may be reading this years after I wrote it, so it could be Tuesday afternoon for you, but for me, right this moment, it’s Saturday night (okay, to be fair, it WAS Saturday night when I started this, but it’s now Sunday morning) and we’re […]