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Ahh, what a good final day in Iceland! If you’ve been to the Blue Lagoon, you know what I’m talking about. The whole reason it exists is to provide a place to relax and, in some cases, even help alleviate some skin issues (it’s all that mineral-rich water, ya know). And I’m sure making money […]

If there’s one thing that traveling can teach you, it’s that last-minute plans are often the best ones. Although we had talked about our plans for yesterday, we didn’t think it was going to work out to book them, so we didn’t until Wednesday afternoon. I’m so glad we did though because yesterday was such […]

Sulfur. Did you know that hot water in Iceland often smells like sulfur (or, as you might better know the smell, rotten eggs)? Yes, it’s true! Don’t panic though – it’s perfectly normal. Hot and cold water in Iceland come from different sources and the hot water is heated by a geothermal process which leaves […]

Okay, my plan was to give you a full blog post today, but the jet lag is winning (or maybe it’s already won?), so I think you’re just going to get a quick update for now, with a full update tomorrow. It’s all about the antici………..pation, right?? As you probably guessed from the title, we […]

The time has finally come! Yes, our Europe 2015 adventure is about to begin. 🙂 We’ve checked in at the airport in Minneapolis and are waiting for our first flight, which will get us to NYC. We have a short layover there and then it’s on to Iceland! Non-direct flights are obviously not the preferred […]