Into Iceland

Okay, my plan was to give you a full blog post today, but the jet lag is winning (or maybe it’s already won?), so I think you’re just going to get a quick update for now, with a full update tomorrow. It’s all about the antici………..pation, right??

As you probably guessed from the title, we made it to Iceland! The flight was fine, though we got the usual amount of sleep (read – basically zero, though I think Scott actually got a decent amount whereas I just kind of sat there with my eyes closed). It was weird to fly across the Atlantic in a smaller plane (just three seats on either side of the aisle – not even fancy lay-flat business class seats!), but the flight from NYC was only five hours, so we didn’t need as big of a plane, I suppose. Regardless, we made it here, we made use of the easy-breezy Flybus (which is how we’ll get back to the airport on Saturday, too), and got settled in our apartment. It’s not particularly big, but it’s comfortable and has proved to be a good home base for what we want to see.

So what did we see? You’ll have to check back tomorrow for that! As a preview though, here’s a shot from the time we spent at Hallgrímskirkja (the largest church in Iceland):


Check back tomorrow for the full rundown of our first day in Iceland!

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