The time has finally come! Yes, our Europe 2015 adventure is about to begin. 🙂 We’ve checked in at the airport in Minneapolis and are waiting for our first flight, which will get us to NYC. We have a short layover there and then it’s on to Iceland! Non-direct flights are obviously not the preferred way to go, but I don’t mind a quick connection. Just excited to be on the move again! 🙂

Watch this space over the next few weeks and follow us as we hit Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden (plus a day trip to Estonia!). Lots of pictures, tales of fun and exploration, and all that good stuff.

See you in Reykjavik!

PS – As always, I’ll be posting quite a bit on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there as well!

9 thoughts on “Iceland-Bound

      1. Also I haven’t written an article on this yet, I’m planning to later this week. But make sure to go snorkeling in the Sulfra national park if you don’t have that planned already!!!! I used the company Arctic Adventures and it was an incredible experience.

      1. Do not miss the blue lagoon experience. Maybe avoid whale watching and instead go on a small island boat tour that scrapes the depths of the ocean for fresh clams, oysters, and sea urchin. I could go on and on but you sort of need to be there for weeks to appreciate all the enchanting experiences this island holds. Good Luck!

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