Month: November 2013

Okay, it’s finally time for my recap of our Saturday in London, pretty much all of which was spent at the Doctor Who Celebration. We had been out just a little bit late the night before with some local friends, so we were feeling just the tiniest bit tender, but we knew we had a […]

I know I haven’t written a Doctor Who Celebration recap yet, but I’m out and about in London all day today and I just thought you should see this view: Big Ben. One of those London views I never get tired of. 🙂 Be sure to come visit the city during the day and at […]

Well, I haven’t been posting much the last couple of days, but that’s only because we’ve been having such a great time! After getting our friend’s passport sorted (he was able to get a new one at the embassy on Friday – whew!), we’ve been enjoying the city! We didn’t have anything in particular planned […]

Well, we made it to London! The business class seat definitely made a difference. I’m not someone who sleeps on planes much, if at all, but when your seat lies flat, that quickly changes. 🙂 Thanks for making that happen, Bill! We made it to the station and then to my friend’s house – super […]

I’m currently seated on a plane, waiting to take off for London, and I’m beyond excited! I’m traveling with two good friends and we’re meeting other friends there, all of us going for the big Doctor Who convention the BBC is putting on for the show’s 50th anniversary. It’s a quick trip (flying back on […]

As the title of this post implies, I’ve been having a great time at Long Island Who this weekend! There are lots of fans in attendance (lots of folks from the local area, too), things are running smoothly, and everyone is having fun. This convention has actually been a bit of a change of pace […]

So my friend Bill and I have made the first leg of the journey to New York City for Long Island Who and I realized it’s been ages since I’ve had to take a flight that involved a layover. To be honest, I don’t really mind them that much, as long as I know I’m […]

Sadly, it’s been longer than I intended since my last blog post! I could give all sorts of excuses for that, but it’s my blog, so I can play by whatever rules I want. Winning. 🙂 Anyway, this month is going to be a little busy on the travel front and it’s all because of […]