Safe & Sound

Well, we made it to London! The business class seat definitely made a difference. I’m not someone who sleeps on planes much, if at all, but when your seat lies flat, that quickly changes. 🙂 Thanks for making that happen, Bill!

We made it to the station and then to my friend’s house – super slick and easy using the Underground from Heathrow. I think I mentioned this while I was on my last trip, but if you’re flying into Heathrow, don’t hesitate to just take the Underground into the city. While you can take the Heathrow Express, that option is much more expensive (though it is quicker). For the four of us though, taking the longer Underground trip gave us a great chance to catch up.

We did run into one issue today when one of my friends unfortunately left his backpack, which had his iPad and passport in it, on a train. We did call the rail company, but no one turned it in and it’s not that likely anyone will. Thankfully, my friend still had his wallet on him, so he has a form of ID, and he also had the foresight to take a picture of his passport. He’s going to the US embassy tomorrow to hopefully get it sorted out. That can be turned into a great travel tip though – take a picture of your passport and even your luggage because it will make things that much easier if you do end up losing them.

After a bit of running around to deal with the passport stuff, we relaxed with some Doctor Who reruns at the house and then had a nice pub dinner. Be sure to check out a lot of pubs when you’re in London! I’ve never been to a bad one. 🙂


No plans for tomorrow yet (other than embassy stuff), but keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

5 thoughts on “Safe & Sound

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s lost bag. 😦 Great that he has appropriate copies – but man, I think I’d still be stressed out…

  2. On the lost bag front, there was a form of good news. It was found! Unfortunately, it was found by some unscrupulous person who decided to sell the iPad. Incredibly, the person who bought it (probably from some black market site fencing stolen goods) e-mailed my friend asking him to turn off his Find My iPhone ( software so he could use it! Apparently this guy is in Albania and argued that my friend should disable the app because it wouldn’t cost him anything and the guy wasn’t willing to just waste the €150 he spent buying this piece of stolen merchandise. Too bad for him though – he’s stuck with a stolen iPad that won’t be any good to him! Except as a fancy paperweight. Sometimes life ain’t fair! Or rather, it is fair because you shouldn’t get to use/buy stolen goods without expecting some kind of negative outcome.

  3. Another update on the iPad! It was apparently sold to someone in Italy, who also e-mailed my friend asking him to deactivate the security software. You can’t make this stuff up!

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