Long Island Laughs

As the title of this post implies, I’ve been having a great time at Long Island Who this weekend! There are lots of fans in attendance (lots of folks from the local area, too), things are running smoothly, and everyone is having fun. This convention has actually been a bit of a change of pace for me because I normally work at the conventions I go to (Gallifrey One and ChicagoTARDIS in particular). I’m a guest liaison, which means I help shuttle guests to and fro, making sure they reach all their panels, meals, and other convention events when they’re supposed to, while sometimes having to deflect the occasional over-enthusiastic fan. Since I’m not volunteering here, it’s a very relaxed experience and I’m having fun just wandering around to the various panels, looking at all the goodies in the dealers’ room, and talking and hanging out with my friends here. Don’t worry though – I still love working at the other conventions I go to, so I’m looking forward to getting back to that at ChicagoTARDIS later this month. 🙂 And of course, I’m especially looking forward to working at the convention in the Twin Cities that I’m helping to put together for next May – CONsole Room. If you’ve never been to a convention before, especially if you’re in the Twin Cities area, come check us out! It’s going to be a great time!

Conventions are plagued by the same problem as other trips – they always go by too quickly! That seems to be especially true at conventions because the trips are relatively short (a week at most, but usually more like 4-5 days) and I have so much time seeing the friends I generally only see at conventions that, before I know it, it’s almost time to go home. It’s not as big of a deal with this convention because I know I have two more to look forward to this month, but it’s still always a bit sad when they end. Now all Bill and I have to do is figure out when we’re going home! Since he works for Delta, we’re flying with his benefits, which means we’re basically on standby, so we need to pick a flight that we’re more or less guaranteed to get a seat on. It worked out great on the way here, so hopefully we’ll have the same luck getting home. Do any of you have flight benefits like that? If so, I hope you use them often! If I worked for an airline, I definitely would. 🙂 How do you find the whole process? Do you worry about getting seats on the flights you need? Or do you just always have the flexibility to not be affected by getting bumped to different flights?

3 thoughts on “Long Island Laughs

  1. Somehow I missed this post when you published it – just catching it now. It would make me nervous to fly standby if I knew I had to be back home on a certain day/time; but if I had a more open schedule, I think I’d be fine with the uncertainty. (Especially if the price was right!) 🙂

    What benefits do you get from working a convention?

    1. Yeah, I can totally understand that nervousness! However, my friend can always look at the flights to see how many seats are open, so he only lists us on flights that we’re basically guaranteed to get on. It’s worked well for us so far!

      As for working conventions, I guess the big benefit is that I enjoy them! Working the conventions gives me a different way to experience them as well as a way to give back to the events that have given me so much joy over the years. It’s also fun to get to know the guests!

      1. Having “insider” info would make me feel more comfortable with the standby proposition. It’s a great perk, for certain! 🙂

        The benefits you listed re. working conventions are terrific. Way to give back, and enjoy the event on a new level.

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