Travel Season is Here!

Well, we’re a week into November, which apparently means my travel season has begun! It never used to be that way, but starting last year, this month has become my month to attend not one, not two, but THREE Doctor Who events! Not that I’m complaining, mind you. πŸ™‚ I’m actually currently en route to New York for Long Island Who (gotta love in-flight wifi, right?), where I’ll be just until Sunday. Very quick trip! I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends though! LI Who was a great event last year (its first year, no less) and I know it’s going to be great again this year. Wheels down in less than an hour!

In less than two weeks, I’m heading back to England, mostly to see friends, though I’ll also be attending a one-day Who event in Brighton, Timey Wimey 1. My dear friend Matt is organizing it and there are some great guests (including Tom Baker, who I’ve never met, but did see at the big 50th anniversary event last year) in addition to some great friends, so it’s going to be great. I’m also excited because I’m actually going to spend three nights in Brighton! I’ve been there a few times, but never spent a weekend there, so it should be fun. I’ll get a little less than two days in London beforehand and one day back there afterwards, so I’ll get my annual London fix as well. πŸ™‚

And just two days after Timey Wimey, I’m heading to Chicago for ChicagoTARDIS! I’m beyond excited that I’m flying to that event this year though. Even after last year’s London trip, I still drove there, but that’s tough to do after just getting back from another big trip. It’s only six hours by car, but barely an hour by plane, so I found a decent airfare deal and grabbed it. It’s definitely convenient to have a car there, but this is the better option for me. Again, it’s another opportunity to see some great friends, so I can’t wait!

I think my wifi access is going to get cut off soon, so ciao for now! Be sure to watch my Instagram for travel photos over the next couple of weeks though!

One thought on “Travel Season is Here!

  1. Very exciting travel month for you! I’m with you – while the drive to Chicago isn’t bad, it’s not fun after an international trip. Enjoy your quick puddle jumper to Chi-town! (Coincidentally, I just left Chicago a few hours ago. I’m now on a plane headed for Japan. Should be an adventure…) πŸ™‚

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