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As you heard in my last post, I bit the bullet and applied for Global Entry. Thankfully, the process seems to move fairly quickly and I already got confirmation that my application has been conditionally approved. Now I just need to go to the enrollment center (not the same one I went to for TSA Precheck, but equally convenient in terms of its location) to finish the process. Very exciting! I don’t know how quickly things move once you do the in-person part (my appointment is in two weeks), but I’m assuming it won’t be complete in time for my Mexico trip in early April. Even if it is, I don’t know that I would take advantage of it since I’m traveling with my SO and four other friends, none of whom have Global Entry (though my SO did just apply for it today).

All this talk about travel programs makes me want to hop on a plane and take a trip right now! If only it was that easy…

Still, I’ve got several trips to keep me busy this year, so I’ll continue to be happy that I’m able to take them. In fact, my work trip to Orlando is coming up on Sunday. Looking forward to sun and warm temps!