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We just can’t seem to catch a break when it come to finding an apartment for the Zurich leg of this year’s Europe trip! As we did last year, we’ve been using Airbnb to find places to stay for this trip and they’ve all been a breeze to book except for Zurich. The owner of the first place we wanted to book didn’t get back to us within the 24-hour limit and the owner of the second place didn’t get back to us at all. Rude! To be fair, the first person did get back to us a couple of days later and said that she couldn’t confirm availability that far out, which stinks because the calendar for her apartment said it was available. But not to worry because we found a third place, emailed about it, and got it booked. Great! But a couple of weeks ago, that guy emailed me saying that he’s losing the lease on that apartment before our trip, so we can’t stay there.


So, loyal blog followers, I need your help! There aren’t a ton of affordable places in Zurich (it’s a very expensive city), so do you have any recommendations on places to stay while we’re there? As a reminder, Zurich is our last stop and we’re only there for two nights, so we’re totally open to staying in a hotel if there’s an affordable one there in a relatively decent location.

So there we are, WordPress friends. Give me your best suggestions!