Zurich Update & More

Good news! After frustrations with finding an apartment for the Zurich leg of this year’s Europe trip, I got us booked into another one. Huzzah! I must say, I’m really pleased with Airbnb’s responsiveness to the issue as well. The owner of the apartment contacted me around the first week of May saying that he had to cancel our reservation because he would no longer have the lease on the apartment, so he said he would cancel the reservation on his end. By late last week, he still hadn’t done it, so I e-mailed him and he said he would do it right away, but then said I should decline it from my end otherwise he was going to get charged a cancellation fee. That seemed shifty to me because his cancellation policy is listed as Strict, which means that, if I cancel, I don’t get all my money back. Instead, I e-mailed Airbnb support and they got back to me yesterday saying that they confirmed the need for the host to cancel and got the reservation cancelled on his end. As a bonus, when a host cancels a reservation, Airbnb gives you a credit on top of the amount you paid in an effort to get you to rebook something else (rather than just get a refund, which you can also do). I got a 20% credit and found a new place that used up almost all of that. Perfect! I got confirmation from the owner of the new apartment this morning, so we’re good to go again. Cross your fingers that we don’t have any other changes to our apartments for this trip!

So what else is happening in my traveling world? A few things, actually! On Sunday, I’m off to California for most of the week for another work trip. As far as I know, this will be my last work trip for the foreseeable future. Wouldn’t it be great if it was to somewhere fun like LA, San Diego, or San Francisco? Sadly, it’s not. We’ll be in sunny Ontario the whole time. Womp! But the group of people I travel with is great, so I know we’ll have fun no matter where we are. A few weeks ago, Ontario was having quite the heat wave, with temps getting close to 100°. Yikes! Thankfully, that seems to have gotten better and the highs for next week are supposed to be in the low- to mid-80s. That’s the top of my personal temperature range, so I’ll be fine. I mean, I’d be fine either way.  I’ll just be that much happier with lower temps!

Following on immediately from Ontario is another weekend road trip to Wausau, Wisconsin! If you recall, Wausau is where my SO’s parents live, so we’ll have a fun weekend hanging out with them. They were wintering on the Gulf Shore the last time we were there (which was also my first trip there), so it will be great to see them this time. We’ll be heading there the day after I get back from Ontario, so next week will be a busy travel week!

I don’t generally travel much in the summer, but between Ontario, Wausau, and another potential 4th of July weekend trip, I am this year! What about you guys? What are your summer travel plans?

One thought on “Zurich Update & More

  1. So glad to hear your Airbnb arrangements are all worked out. I agree, your original host seems shifty; glad you decided to get the “officials” involved, and are now re-booked in another spot!

    You are traveling quite a bit this summer! We typically minimize our travel in the summer (so that we can fully enjoy the lovely local weather), but this year we are taking a trip to Vegas July 5-7. (Why in the world are we traveling to the desert in the summer? So that I can see the Blue Man Group [#53: http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com/101-in-1001/%5D.) We’re also going to my inlaws Juy 2-4, but those are the only planned excursions until Nov.

    Have fun in Ontario! 80 feels like a nice temp. 🙂

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