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That’s a pretty dramatic title for the first post in a travel blog, but a tiny amount of drama is festive, right? Let’s get right to it – I’m Jeff, I live in Minneapolis, MN, and I love to travel! Though I’d love to make travel and/or travel writing a job (hint hint, Frommer’s and Rick Steves), I haven’t managed to make that happen yet, so I travel for fun outside of work. I generally get in one international trip each year as well as a least one or two other trips, usually within the US. I’m game to travel anywhere, but I have a particular affinity for the UK – I love London!

Join me on my trips as I post updates, share photos, and more. I’d love to hear from fellow travelers, whether you’re a recreational traveler like me or you’ve been around the world in 80 days (or even less!).

Happy trails!