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I always look forward to trips. I mean, who doesn’t? But I’m particularly excited about my upcoming European extravaganza, both because of the itinerary (more on that in a minute) and because it’s my first big trip with my SO (that’s significant other, don’t ya know). We’ve been planning it for several months now and it’s been cool to go through that process with him. I tend to do a fair amount of research on flights, locations, and places to stay, and he was excited to do that with me – hurrah! And since some of the cities are new to me and all of them are new to him, it will be that much cooler to get to experience all that planning first-hand. Now, about that itinerary…

This trip has us going to a bevvy of exciting places, including:

-Madrid (with a day trip to Toledo)
-Florence (with a day trip to Pisa and the Cinque Terre)
-London (with a day trip to Oxford, Windsor, and Stonehenge)

I’m someone who doesn’t plan every detail of my trips out, instead preferring to get an idea of what things I can do, booking a few things in advance, and taking mental notes of other options. That was something else we agreed on when planning this trip, so we did some research, booked a few day trips, and will be flying out with some good ideas for other things we can do.

Speaking of other things to do, I’d love to hear from you! What suggestions do you have for those cities? Great restaurants? Off-the-beaten path places to visit? Tucked-away squares that tourists don’t normally find? Post a comment with your suggestions!