Packing Schmacking


My old nemesis – luggage! I don’t mind packing all that much, but it’s just a bit of a hassle. On the plus side, it makes the trip feel that much more real!

What are your favorite packing tips and tricks?

12 thoughts on “Packing Schmacking

  1. Always carry-on a suitcase with everything you need to get by for the first couple days of your trip, so you’re covered when the airline inevitably loses your luggage or strands you at a connecting hub.

    For International travel, particularly when you’re taking your bags on trains and such, make one of your bags a convertible backpack like this:

    1. I agree with Andy re: having a carry-on that contains a minimum of everything you’d need for a day or two. Until recently, I’d never spent overnight anywhere due to a missed flight–while my luggage was still on the plane–so I didn’t have any clean clothes or toiletries.

      1. Except it would be open and we could see how organized of a packer you are!

      2. @Nancy: Exactly. I want to see how everything was organized inside. I don’t know that I could travel as light as you do, Jeff… (But I want to learn how to do so!)

      3. I never got around to posting a picture of the inside of my case and of course now it won’t look as neat as it did before I left. πŸ™‚ I will say that the portable luggage scale I have came in very handy. Since I knew I couldn’t go over 50 lbs. in my bag, I kept weighing it until I got to about 48 pounds (to give myself a little leeway). That, combined with a pretty full backpack, is getting me through this three-week adventure!

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