Reality Check

I’m happy to report that the empty bags you saw in yesterday’s post are now packed and ready to go! This is one of the moments that makes a trip “real” for me. There are a number of moments like that throughout my travel process, but the big ones are:

-When I book the trip (makes sense, right?)
-When I’m less than a month away from leaving (start the final countdown!)
-When I’m done packing my bags (I’m pretty well checked out at that point)

What about you? When does the fantasy of travel become a reality for you?


4 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Great point, Andy! I can’t believe I forgot to mention checking in for my flight – that’s like the final link in the chain for me! There’s something about seeing that barcode that really cements the whole trip for me.

  2. I actually don’t get excited for a trip until I’ve actually started it – i.e., I’m driving to the airport, or backing the car out of the garage for a road trip.

    1. Interesting! But that’s a very good time to get excited – that means you can stay level-headed for all the planning and packing, making you less likely to forget something.

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