Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, my first week back to the “real world” (you know, the world we all have to come back to after vacation) is just about over – just one more day of the work week to go. The transition back has been pretty good, which has been nice. I haven’t had any jet lag issues, though I did wake up a little earlier than normal for a few days. In general, I find the same trick I use going on vacation works when coming home – just push through whenever you arrive so you stay awake for the part of the day you need to be awake for (or if you arrive at your destination at the end of the day, go to bed right away). It may be difficult and you’ll almost certainly be tired, but it will be worth it when you get a normal night’s sleep right off the bat. I spent my first night back doing laundry, going through mail, watching Doctor Who, and just generally catching up on life here at home. The work transition has been good as well. Things ran totally smoothly while I was gone (one of the many reasons why it’s great to work with awesome people) and I didn’t miss out on anything unexpected – win! Still though – is it the weekend yet?

What do you do when you get back from a long vacation? Or a short vacation, for that matter? Do you have any habits or use any tricks to readjust to life at home? Is there one thing in particular you look forward to (or don’t look forward to) about being home again?

2 thoughts on “Back to Life, Back to Reality

  1. I never go back to work the day after I come home from vacation; I always build at least one buffer day in there. As for when I do get back home from vaca, the first things I do are laundry, sorting through the mail, and getting groceries if needed – I dislike having that stuff hanging over my head.

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