Vaarwel, Amsterdam!

We’ve reached the end of the line in Amsterdam! After getting ready, cleaning up the apartment, and packing our last couple of things, we said goodbye to our great hosts and made our way to the train station (not before we stopped to get Scott his juice fix though). If you’re ever in Amsterdam and need a place to stay, I can definitely recommend our apartment. The hosts, Hans and Floor, live in the same building and they rent out two other apartments. We stayed in this one, but they have a second one just next to it which is a bit bigger. Just look at their profile via the link and you can easily learn more about them and look at the places they have for rent. Speaking of looking though, here are a couple of pictures from our place that we took just before we left this morning:

Looking towards the beds from the kitchen.

Looking into the kitchen from near the beds. And yes, the shower is in the kitchen!

We took the tram (located right by our apartment – so convenient!) directly to Amsterdam Centraal to get our train. After checking with the information desk there, we learned that we could take a different train that would get us to Bruges with only one change instead of two or three – hurrah! That’s a great travel tip – check with the train information desk to figure out the best route to your destination. Whether you already have a ticket or not, it’s worth it!

Me at Amsterdam Centraal.

Our train will be arriving in Roosendaal in about 15 minutes. From there, we’ll switch to a train to Bruges. Although we’re only going to be there for one night, I’m looking forward to exploring this well-preserved medieval city.

3 thoughts on “Vaarwel, Amsterdam!

  1. Your apartment looks terrific! (Even if a shower in the kitchen is bizarre….)

    And congrats on reducing your transfers by 66% – awesome. GREAT tip.

    1. Yes, the kitchen shower was odd, but it worked well, so it was fine by me!

      Unfortunately, it turned out that we still had to take multiple transfers. But hey, that’s part of the joy of traveling, right? Sometimes, plans change!

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