It’s now Saturday morning (okay, okay – Saturday afternoon by the time I posted this!) and we’re already flying home tomorrow! I think there’s some amazing science project to be found in the study of the way time passes on vacation as compared to how it passes when you’re anywhere else, but hey, I’m no […]

Start spreadin’ the news and stuff! We’re in New York City for the holidays (well, actually not quite, since we’re flying home on the 23rd, but close enough) and we’re already having a great time. As I write this, it’s Friday morning (okay, now it’s Friday afternoon – couldn’t get the post wrapped up before […]

Wow, it’s almost Christmas! Which means 2019 is just around the corner, though I have no idea how time passed so quickly. But the fact that Christmas is nearly here means that Thanksgiving just happened, right? And Thanksgiving generally means travel, so it’s time for a quick catch-up post to fill you in on my […]

I may have recently returned from London, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have stuff to do when I got home! In fact, I had one wedding for my great friend Liz just a couple of days after I got back, but that one was local, so no additional travel involved. But the weekend after […]

I’m now home from my London trip! How did that happen?! I mean, I understand that vacations have to end, but does it have to be so quickly? Sheesh! Since the trip is over and I’m already back in the groove with life at home, it’s actually nice to still have one more day to […]

How has another day of this trip come and gone already? And how am I already going home the day after tomorrow?! These are always the questions we grapple with at the end of a trip, aren’t they? But I’ll worry about them tomorrow night, when I’ve finished my last full day here. 😀 Today […]

A palace, a museum (of sorts), and a West End show. Oh, and grey skies and rain, too. What could be more English than all of that?? But once again, everything I did today was new to me and I would never let a little rain ruin my day anyway! Today was the first day […]