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Our first full day in Belfast is in the books! And it’s our only full day here, since we only had part of yesterday, we have a full-day sidestep out of Belfast tomorrow, and we leave for Galway on Saturday morning. I really think we made the most of it though and the weather was […]

Now that I finally got yesterday’s post out of the way (geeze, that one took longer than I thought it would!), I can focus on today’s (which also won’t be ready today, but if you’re reading this five years from now, you don’t care anyway). Today was an interesting one from a travel standpoint. What […]

Oooooh, my dogs are barkin’! And by dogs, I mean feet. And by barkin’, I mean hurtin’. But today (actually Monday, as I didn’t quite finish this post in time) was another great day, so the temporary foot tiredness is just fine. If that was really a problem for me, I wouldn’t travel the way […]

Is there anything better than a great night’s sleep? How about a great night of sleep that lasts for about 11 hours after basically not sleeping at all the night before? Yeah, that’s how today felt! It was sooooo nice to a) go to bed at a decent time (930p) and b) still wake up […]

Every time I think I can’t come up with a snappy, alliterative title for a blog post, my brain throws me a bone. I’m sleepy and in Scotland?! The title writes itself! Anyway, it’s 8 PM on our first day of this trip and you know that that means – bed time! Making it this […]

I may have just gotten back from a trip to Six Flags (lots of fun, by the way), but it’s time for another international trip, don’t you think? Yes, that’s right – Scott and I are off on another adventure tomorrow! We’ll be hitting the UK (Scotland and Northern Ireland, but no London this time […]

Dateline September 2009 Location(s) United Kingdom – Manchester, London, Canterbury (England) / Swansea, Cardiff (Wales) Somehow it’s been nine whole months since my last Travel Throwback post! I would ask how that happened, but since I’m the one who writes this blog, I already know the answer to that question – I just didn’t make […]

Well, it’s 2019 already, isn’t it?? With a new year comes new travel opportunities, so here’s what I’ve got planned so far: February – no surprise here, but I’ll be making a return trip to Los Angeles for my annual visit to my favorite Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One. March – also probably not a […]

I’m now home from my London trip! How did that happen?! I mean, I understand that vacations have to end, but does it have to be so quickly? Sheesh! Since the trip is over and I’m already back in the groove with life at home, it’s actually nice to still have one more day to […]

How has another day of this trip come and gone already? And how am I already going home the day after tomorrow?! These are always the questions we grapple with at the end of a trip, aren’t they? But I’ll worry about them tomorrow night, when I’ve finished my last full day here. 😀 Today […]