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For once (on this trip), I’m writing (well, starting) a new post for a day during that day! I was hoping to get it all written tonight, but I doubt I will. Still, it won’t matter to you, dear reader, because you won’t see it until it’s all done anyway! I had another day of […]

Another morning, another post! That seems to be the way this trip is going so far, anyway. 🙂 I’m happy to report that I’m sat in the hotel lounge/breakfast area as I write this, with sun shining through the windows once again. The weather has really cooperated nicely these first two days, though I did […]

Well, well, well – we meet again, London! Is anyone surprised that I’m squeezing in another trip to my favorite city before the end of the year? If so, you shouldn’t be! Would I shrivel up and die if I didn’t pay London a visit in a calendar year? Medical professionals would tell you no, […]

You’d think that I would get tired of always leaving my blog on a cliffhanger, wouldn’t you? But no, I just keep on leaving you all hanging. Sorry about that! In all fairness, all the “what we did” posts for our recent Ireland/Northern Ireland/Scotland trip were done, but I never even let you know if […]

The time has nearly come for the road to take us back home. We’ve had a great time on this trip, but we’ve definitely reached the point where we’re ready to just be back home, in our own space, and with our own stuff (and not living out of suitcases). But that’s tomorrow! We’ve still […]

Feet up, drink in hand (well, next-to-hand), a nice, Irish breeze (hey, we’re in Ireland, so the breezes are Irish by default) blowing in the window, and the sounds of Dublin around us. Today was a good day to explore Dublin – great temperature, sunny without being TOO sunny, a nice breeze, and everything we […]

After yesterday’s amazing Cliffs of Moher trip, today was much quieter in comparison, mostly because we were traveling part of the day. It was time to say goodbye to Galway and migrate to our final stop on this trip, Dublin. Technically, Dublin is where this trip started, but only because that’s where our flight from […]