I’m happy to report that we were able to meet up with our friend last night! Admittedly, we got a little lost when we got off the Metro to walk to his hotel, but we made it in the end. 🙂 There’s just something really cool about being able to meet up with friends from home when you’re traveling like this, so I’m really glad we were able to make it happen. Here’s the proof:

We all chose mojitos – good decision!

Since it was a bit of a late night (we got back to our apartment a little after 130a), we didn’t make it to Café Varenne for breakfast today – oh well! We’ve still got a good day planned, including visits to:

*Sacré Coeur
*Arc de Triomphe
*The Latin Quarter

I can’t believe this is already our last full day in Paris! That means we’ll have to get packed up tonight after our day out, but it’s all good because we’re flying to Madrid tomorrow – really excited for that!

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