Madrid – Day One

Okay, I thought that our first day in Paris was pretty low-key, but our first day in Madrid was even quieter. Nothing wrong with that though! We made it here safe and sound – the flight from Paris was quick and painless and it was easy to get to our apartment via the Metro. I have to say that it was a LONG walk from our baggage carousel to the Metro station at the airport though, which is definitely good for us to know for our flight to Florence on Friday so we can be sure to leave enough time to get there. Hopefully it won’t be raining here that day! Remember how I said it was raining when we left Paris? Unfortunately, that led to my bag and some of my clothes inside it getting wet. No fun! Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, so I just hung them around the apartment to air-dry. Travel tip – if you don’t have a hard suitcase, consider adding a layer or two of plastic bags around your clothes to avoid this situation. I had that around some of my clothes, which prevented the majority of them from getting wet.

After we got here, we didn’t do much. We visited the market (literally ten steps from our front door) to pick up a few things for the apartment and then went to dinner a great place called La Cajita de Nori. We shared a tortilla española, a tortilla de chorizo, and some croquetas – all were delicious! Travel tip – dinner time in Spain is much later than it generally is in the US (9p is very normal in Spain), so keep that in mind when you do dinner here. Some restaurants don’t even open until later in the evening or if they are open, you might be the only patrons there if you eat before 8p.

I don’t have many photos to share yet, but here are a few to tide you over until we get out and explore tomorrow:

Madrid Apartment1
The main living space of our apartment.

Madrid Apartment2
This one has a nice-sized kitchen!

Madrid Apartment3
The bed in this space is actually in a little loft.

Madrid Apartment Street
The view down the street our apartment is on.

Madrid Casjita de Nori
The great little restaurant we had dinner at tonight.

It’s nearly bedtime here and we haven’t even figured out what we’re doing tomorrow yet. We’ll do that in the morning. 🙂 In the meantime, I’d love to hear your suggestions for any must-see things to do/see here as well as any great restaurant suggestions, especially for tapas restaurants. Add a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Madrid – Day One

  1. How long was the flight from Paris to Madrid? Good call on using plastic bags to line a soft-sided suitcase – very smart!

    I adore the colors of your apartment – it feels vibrant and alive! And the views look cool, too. I don’t know very much about Spain at all, so I’m looking forward to your next few posts. (Even more than usual, that is.) 😉

    1. The flight wasn’t long at all – only about two hours. I’m not someone who sleeps on planes easily, but I was able to do some light dozing, so that made the flight go by pretty quickly.

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